Morning After Debit Card Regret Ends Today

Dave Fayram on Flickr

Say good bye to that $40 cup of coffee.

One of the worst buys around goes away Monday, unless you decide you like tipping your bank $35 for a burn out cup of roast -- unless you sip from one of the many overpriced indy roasters in the Bay, in which case $35 might be a bargain.

Starting this week, bank overdraft fees may no longer hit your wallet unexpectedly because of new federal regulations.

Banks are now required to automatically opt you out of their overdraft protection programs -- unless you tell them otherwise and we're not sure why you would.

The move was made to eliminate the sticker shock so many have experienced when they purchased a small item with their debit card only to learn at the end of the month that a pack of gum costs a lot more than they though.

More new rules will go into effect next Sunday, where the most you can be charged for a late payment  will drop from $39 to $25. Thank you liquidated damages.

Credit card companies will also be banned from charging you inactivity fees and they will not be allowed to raise your interest rates without warning you in writing, long before a cup of coffee costs $40.

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