Muni Looks to Speed Up by Cutting Stops

Fewer stops could mean more walking, less waiting

San Francisco's Municipal Transit Authority has long been one of the slowest major public transportation services in the country.

That may change thanks to a plan unveiled today that would reduce the distance between stops in order to cut downtime associated with loading and unloading passengers.

Some of the busiest routes spend up to 20 percent of their time navigating in and out of traffic and idling at stops.

Expect advocates for the elderly and disabled to oppose the plan, as fewer stops makes it harder on those with ambulatory problems.

The current guidelines dictate that stops on steep grades by closest together, with longer distances between stops on level ground and stops for light rail farther apart still. Yet 70 percent of stops are currently closer together than guidelines suggest.

The changes would likely mean better on-time performance and shorter trips.

The news comes after Muni's most recent budget calls for increased fares and reduced service across the system.

Photo by Flickr user LFL16.

Jackson West would suggest smaller, faster jitneys on call to help ease the pain for elderly and disabled riders.

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