NBC Bay Area Investigates PG&E

Since PG&E gas pipelines burst in 2010, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes, the NBC Investigative Unit has been following the utility closely. Here are some of the stories we uncovered:

After emails revealed what seem to be a cozy relationship between PG&E and its regulator, the CPUC, four senior PG&E officials are removed or resign:

A PG&E whistleblower tells the Investigative Unit that time after time, the utility company has failed to meet deadlines for fixing leaking pipes and natural gas meters:

When a Senate committee asks to question the state's top regulator for PG&E, CPUC president Michael Peevey instead attends a conference at a Napa resort:

PG&E refuses to supply documents that would prove they complied with federal safety regulations:

PG&E is under fire–again. Late Monday afternoon, three senior employees have lost their jobs–stemming from their questionable relationship with the PUC. Chief Investigative Reporter Tony Kovaleski has the new calls now for the leader of the PUC to step down. But first, Marianne Favro reports from San Francisco where she talked with PG&E.
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