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Registered Sex Offender Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping, Molesting Severely Autistic Fremont Woman

A 77-year-old registered sex offender has been charged with kidnapping and sexual battery for allegedly taking a developmentally-challenged woman from a McDonald's restaurant in Fremont and molesting her in his car, police and prosecutors said Friday.

Fremont police Officer Anita Silva wrote in a probable cause statement that she believes Cheuk Li planned his alleged abduction of the woman, whom she said suffers from severe autism and has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old.

The alleged abduction took place at the McDonald's in the 40700 block of Grimmer Road at about 11:45 a.m. on July 21. Silva wrote that Li went to the restaurant regularly and allegedly knew the victim went there every Friday at about the same time.

Silva said "Li had the opportunity to groom the victim" because he'd seen her at the fast food restaurant on several previous occasions but she had always been with other people. She said July 21 was the first time that Li saw the victim by herself and he took advantage of that situation.

Evidence indicates that Li approached the woman while she was sitting on a bar stool by herself drinking coffee, grabbed her by the arm and took her to his Subaru Outback, which was parked in the McDonald's parking lot, according to Silva.

Silva said Li then allegedly molested the woman in his car and witnesses allege they observed him with his pant zipper down, his belt unbuckled and the victim's hand on his lap.

Referring to the terms that she said Li used when he was interviewed by police, Silva said, "Li purposely took the victim to his car and locked the doors so he could get 'excited' and have 'sexy time' with her.

"Li's actions demonstrated his propensity for sexual gratification despite his age, which confirmed the need for Li to be a registered sex offender," Silva continued. "If Li's forced and manipulative actions in the back of his car would not have been stopped, I believe Li would have continued his sexual assault against the victim."

Fremont police said Li was convicted of sexual battery by restraint in 2001 but in 2013 he allegedly failed to comply with his sexual offender registration procedure and was arrested.

However, at the time of the July 21 alleged offense Li was in compliance with registration requirements, police said.

The kidnapping charge against Li has an enhancement clause alleging that the victim was developmentally disabled and her condition was known to him.

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