‘Net Flicks: Fandango Sets Ticket Record

We're downloading our movie tickets

We love mobile technology, and we love movies.

All catnip to Fandango, the company that lets you snag movie tickets online (note: Fandango is owned by Comcast, just like this TV station and website).

Fandango just reported record numbers of ticket sales for 2012, boosted by big movies like Twilight, The Hobbit, and The Hunger Games, but also by our own hunger for technology on the go.

As we all now have mobile phones, we can buy just about anything on the go. Fandango has taken advantage of this - for a tacked-on fee, you can buy movie tickets, scan your phone, and be in your seat quickly and smoothly.

The company says its app was downloaded 31 million times, helping traffic to jump mpore than 50 percent for the year.  You can expect more from the company in 2013, as theatre goers demand more convenience along with their special effects (after all, many people are staying home to watch their movies, thanks to companies like Netflix and Amazon).

As the mobile world continues to take off, companies like Fandango are poised to take you out, and show you a good time.

 Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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