New Drone Rules May Clog The Skies

We'll wait for drone delivery, though.

For Manie Kohn, the skies just got a little friendlier.

Kohn flies drones for a living — shooting video as a licensed, insured, 100% official drone pilot.

Now, thanks to new FAA rules, Kohn's life, and the lives of many people who want to fly drones, might improve.

Yes, new regulations say you have to keep your drone under 100 miles per hour, and have to keep it in line of sight. 

But with the latest set of rules, we're likely to see more qualified pilots, and more drones flying around.

Drone delivery, though? That may take some time.

Those Amazon videos look cool, but if you have to keep your drone in your line of sight, it could be awhile before an unmanned aircraft gently brings a gift to your doorstep.

Stay tuned, and happy flying.

Scott tracks drones on Twitter: @scottbudman.

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