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New SF Art Project Showcases People Facing Homelessness

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A new art installation in San Francisco showcases people who are experiencing homelessness.

Dr. Eduardo Pena Dolhun’s portraits are now displayed in San Francisco. The project called “Facing Homelessness Together” is the result of him reaching out to people on the street.

“This is a project. A two-year project of photographing and interviewing my homeless neighbors,” he said.

The project showcases 31 photos of people Dolhun met in the city. He said he introduced himself and said the majority of those he approached agreed to be photographed.

“They’re amazing human beings and all these multi-faceted stories that led to them becoming homeless and staying homeless. I thought that the community could learn a lot by having their photographs shown in a public manner,” Dolhun said.

The SFJAZZ Center at the intersection of Franklin And Fell streets has been showing photos on its building since 2013.

Doctor's Outreach and SFJAZZ Center unveiled the project Sunday, which highlights one of the city’s most pressing issues.

“Really, this is just an apolitical attempt to simply use the power of art to show the humanity of someone who is sleeping on cold concrete,” Dolhun said.

Dolhun, who is a family physician with a background said he lends a different perspective.

"I do disaster medicine around the world. I been doing that really through medical school and I bring that calling to the streets of San Francisco,” he said.

Dolhun added that he learned a lot about their challenges, decisions and falling through the cracks.

“It shows you that life is very fragile and sometimes you need a helping hand,” Dolhun said.

The project grew into a documentary short film, which will premiere next month.

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