Newsom Tells Larry King Detroit Needs Steve Jobs

Mayor calls for auto industry overhaul on national tv

San Francisco Mayor and governor hopeful Gavin Newsom was busy getting some more national love Monday night.

Newsom appeared on a panel on CNN's Larry King discussing President Barack Obama and the auto industry.

The mayor, who was not in studio, appeared with actor and enviromental activist Ed Begly, Jr., who drove into the studio in an electric car, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican from Michigan, and television judge Greg Mathis.  

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Newsom was promoting green vehicle alternatives and pushing for a Steve Jobs of the auto industry to take over and completly redefine the American auto industry. He criticized Detroit for aiming to low with its standards.

"Now its time for car 2.0," Newsom said. "It's time for Steve Jobs or someone of his ilk to come in and reinvent the industry."

Apparently the mayor does more on the net than Twitter, where he announced his apperance on the show. He apparently reads Esquire blogs that argue Jobs should take over the industry. Check out the full video below. 

Embedded video from CNN Video
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