Newsom Wants Cell Phones to Get the Tobacco Treatment

Mayor throws his weight behind a first of its kind cell phone warning bill

Mayor Gavin Newsom has been known to use his cell phone a lot. He used to tweet the birth of his child but now Newsom says he wants cell phones to carry a warning label.

The former governor hopeful says he is endorsing a proposal to make San Francisco the first city in the country to require radiation labels for cell phones.

If passed, stores would have to post radiation levels next to each phone in a font at least as large as the price and they would have to inform customers about what the levels actually mean, which could prove to be a tricky requirement depending on who you believe.

A study released last week by the Danish Cancer Society found that over 30 years there is no "clear change in the long term trends in incidence of brain tumors."

Still there are some scientists (and many of them are very active in San Francisco) who say that cell phones are slow killers.

Studies to find out just how much radiation your cell phone gives out are readily available on the web, just in case you're curious.

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