Newspaper Subscriptions Are Coming to the IPad

It was only a matter of time before Apple started charging for saving newspapers.

Reports are swirling that the iPad maker has finally reached a revenue sharing model with publishers that will include an earlier sticking point in negotiations.

Earlier this year, Apple reportedly refused to share subscriber data with publishers, essentially killing any subscription partnership. Publications share user demographics with advertisers to target ads.

But now, the San Jose Mercurcy New is reporting that Apple has agreed to allow subscribers to share their personal information with news organizations, if they agree to opt-in.

The rumored plan is expected resemble Apple's current app store model, with the tech company taking home 30 percent of all subscriptions. The company could take a bite out of advertising revenue as well.

The deal still may not be enough to make all publishers happy. Several print publications had whispered they would prefer to pay Apple a fixed fee rather than let the company take a bite out of its subscriptions.

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