Nintendo Vs Apple

Today at the

Game Developer's Conference

in San Francisco, Satoru Iwata, CEO 

of Nintendo gave the keynote speech at the Moscone Center. Iwata, without ever mentioning Apple directly, implied the company, and others like it, have no direct investment in video game software, says



He claimed companies like these have more interest in phones or music, and will eventually leave developers out in the cold. Iwata went on to express unhappiness with extremely cheap, or free, games, thus diluting the market.

Apple makes it pretty easy for small developers to get their games online, noticed and available. Nintendo's DSi Store is relatively unknown and largely ignored by DS owners. Their store won't even be completely available for the new 3DS at launch time.

Steve Jobs seemed unphased as he showed off his company's latest iGadget an hour later in the same building.

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