No Bids on Marin Megamansion at Tax Auction

A giant Novato home that once belonged to a world leader is unsold.

The fire sale was buyer beware. So buyers stayed away.

The $8-million Novato mansion that once belonged to a former Ukrainian prime minister was offered at $2.1 million for anyone who would risk taking on untold tax liabilities. The Marin County tax collector received no bids on the property, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

The 11-acre, 19,450-square foot mansion includes nine bedrooms, nine baths, and "came complete with two helicopter landing pads, five dog kennels, a ballroom, granite floors inlaid with brass and gold-plated door knobs," the newspaper reported.

The palatial estate was once the home of Pavlo Lazarenko, who as prime minister of Ukraine embezzled millions of dollars in oil and gas funds. He is now serving time in federal prison.

It was unknown if the federal Justice Department or local or state tax officials would take action against any potential buyer.

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