No “Face 2 Face” in San Jose

The dueling pianos will have to wait.

You could almost feel it coming when you first heard the news a couple a weeks ago that Elton John was in the hospital. That illness forced the duo of Elton John and Billy Joel to start canceling scheduled concerts.

Then, last week, they canceled their Oakland show for Saturday night.

Now it's official: there will be no "Face 2 Face" with Billy Joel and Elton John in San Jose either. Their Nov. 17 show at the Shark Tank is postponed.

 LiveNation says it will work to find a new date for both Bay Area gigs.  For now, hold on to your tickets.
The press release said both "Billy and Elton are disappointed to be postponing the November 17 concert and are looking forward to announcing a new concert date, once the availabilities have been worked out by all parties."
The aging stars have been struck by different sicknesses that have forced them to cancel tour dates. Most recently John was hospitalized in London with an e-coli bacterial infection and influenza. Illness has forced the 62-year-old musician to cancel several gigs in Britain, Ireland and the U.S. over the last few weeks.
Joel is no spring chicken himself. The 60-year-old entertainer had to cancel stops in Buffalo, N.Y. earlier this year because he wasn't feeling well. Organizers advised him against the performance.
This Tuesday was supposed to be the come back party for the under the weather singers. But John's doctor told him to stay in bed a little longer.

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