No More Internet Trolls on Google Play

Google will now require that users log into their Google+ accounts to comment on offerings.

While some believe that this is an attempt to "civilize" the Web and rid Google Play of rude, anonymous comments, it's also likely part of Google's plan of creating identity. 

It's a social contract to shut down trolls, according to AllThingsD, but it's likely a lot more complex. Google Play has considerably more than just Android apps, and the new policies would affect TV shows, films and songs -- all things Google (and Android) have little to do with. Instead Google is attempting to consolidate its brand and identity.

While Google+ is nowhere near Facebook's behemoth status, it's attempting to get its users into the social network fold. What better PR than showing how many people are using Google+? It's also a way to connect all the Google properties together, including YouTube -- which has been asking users to use their Google+ identities for the last few months. It seems likely that soon it could be a requirement.

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