Glass Fire

Napa Sheriff's Deputy Saves St. Helena Home From Glass Fire

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A very grateful homeowner calls a Napa County Sheriff Deputy a hero for saving his home in St. Helena with a garden hose.

Sheriff Lieutenant Pat McMahon spotted a shed in flames in the evacuation zone Monday afternoon as he checked on staff patrolling the area.

"It wasn't going too bad, I saw a hose here I checked it - it worked I thought, 'maybe I can do something,'" he said. "So I wet down the roof."

He saw a garden hose and went to work for two hours soaking the house and putting out spot fires, saving the home and a prized 1956 pickup.

Homeowner Joel Toller and McMahon met Tuesday night where the sheriff was thanked for his heroic action.

“You’re welcome, glad I could be there,” he said. “It feels good to do something that made a difference, that’s why I’m here.”

It was a special moment in the midst of so much loss as 19 homes on Crystal Springs Road South burned to the ground. 

The homeowner says it's likely the deputy saved several other homes on the street by dousing the flames.

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