Windsor City Council Demands Mayor's Resignation as He Refuses to Leave Office

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A North Bay mayor accused of sexually assaulting six women says he’s not guilty and is staying in office. 

At an emergency Windsor City Council meeting Wednesday, the mayor read the resolution that he resign immediately, to which he said he will not. 

“The reason I am not stepping down is that in this case, I know the truth of those experiences," said Mayor Dominic Foppoli. "I don’t blame those who were angry and seek justice as they were not there and do not know what I know."

But the accusations of six women were enough to sway the council members.

“If you love Windsor as much as you say you always have, you need to resign tonight so that we can move on and start the healing process,” said councilmember Debra Fudge. 

The accusations began in 2017 with a woman detailing an assault by the mayor in 2013. But she said she would not cooperate with any investigation, and only wanted to inform the council of Foppoli’s character.

The story blew sky high last week when four more women came forward in a San Francisco Chronicle article. A sixth accusation comes from councilwoman Esther Lemus who did not attend tonight’s meeting.

“Resign now, you rapist,” said resident Michelle Williams. "These allegations are credible, they're multiple, and they've been corroborated."

Public comment was nearly unanimous and powerful.

“Met the mayor at a party. I’d like to say I’m so sorry to all women for not speaking out and saying something sooner,” said Carson Davis. “I’ve seen him step into bathrooms behind women. Sorry I didn’t say it sooner. I’ve had my butt grabbed by him, and I’ve seen him do things.”

Councilwoman Lemus did not attend tonight’s meeting, because she is one of the mayor’s accusers. He accuses her of sexual misconduct.

The vote was unanimous for the mayor to step down. But it carries no weight. The only way to remove the mayor would be if he’s convicted of a felony or if he’s recalled by voters. Several callers say that recall is going to happen.

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