Not Every South Bay School Has Installed Classroom Security Locks

How to keep students safe in a shooting situation is being re-evaluated at many school districts in light of the deadly mass shooting in Florida.

One measure taken in California was when schools were required to install special classroom security locks on all new construction built after July 2011.

In San Jose, flags were at half staff at Anne Darling Elementary School. The Florida tragedy sparks sympathy and renewed caution.

"It does affect all of us," Anne Darling School Principal Ron Hammond. "We certainly want to re-visit our safety policies and protocols with our students."

The San Jose Unified School District is the largest district in the South Bay. And every school has classroom security locks which the state now requires for any new construction after July 2011.

"It's giving the control to the person inside the space and not outside," Hammond said. "And I think that's the most important part of the locks being different."

San Jose Unified did not have to change locks since it did not have new construction. But NBC Bay Area discovered some South Bay school districts decided not to add locks to older buildings. NBC Bay Area hs yet to hear back with the reasons why.

Hammond said it could be "cost" or finding the right time.

"We managed it at a time right before a vacation period," he said. "It was seamless."

Some parents said they plan to ask their school districts whether all their buildings have the security locks, and, if not, whether they can get them.

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