Nudists Need to Cover Up on State Beaches

Crackdown on those without clothes announced in the midst of bikini season

State officials will be cracking down on one of California's beloved pastimes -- nude bathing.

For 30 years, the most a state park ranger could do would be to ask a beachgoer in the buff to cover up or go home, and only if someone complained.

Now taking off that itchy swimsuit could cost you a misdemeanor and a $500 fine.

But for once, the federal government is proving more liberal than California. It turns out that you can skinny dip to your heart's delight on beaches run by the National Park Service.

So for San Franciscans looking to go au naturel, Baker Beach is still an option along with others in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The unfortunately named Naturist Action Committee promises to fight the new policy. Because the very definition of freedom is being able to take your pants off in public, people.

Photo by Susan Kelleher.

Jackson West has no plans to let it all hang out, but will defend the right nonetheless.

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