Nurses Concerned Over Growing Number of Coronavirus Patients

NBCUniversal, Inc.

After two weeks in quarantine at Travis Air Force Base, dozens of people were on their way home Thursday, and while they are in the clear, nurses say they’re not so sure hospitals are fully prepared to deal with the growing number of patients.

A national survey of 3,000 nurses shows less than half say their employer has given them enough information on how to respond.

Only 13% say there is a plan in place to isolate patients and just 31% say employer has sufficient protective equipment on hand.

“I think is outrageous,” said Patricia Gonzalez from the California Nurses Association. “I think the industry can do better and should do better.”

Meanwhile frustration is mounting among those in quarantine. Rick Saber of Novato is at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. He was not happy to learn people who tested positive were on the same plane sitting in a plastic enclosure.

“The enclosure was nothing but a visqueen screen that was around 18 seats of which eight people were traveling with us,” he said.

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