Nuzzel Ranks Friends' News Above Mainstream Media

Jonathan Abrams, is the chief executive and founder of Nuzzel, a news app that segregates shared news from friends from mainstream media.

"Nuzzel treats news the same, but if your friend tweets something from a small blog," he told Press:Here, "that's what you will see above the New York Times."

In a conversation about net neutrality Abrams said that startups are too busy to enter into those discussion or debate. "We're working on so many things in the next few months," Abrams said. "So for a startup it's immaterial because we will succeed or fail before these things come to a culmination.

He also isn't much worried about National Security Agency's accumulating user data, because his social news aggregator has only four employees. "You really have to be a certain size before the NSA comes knocking on your door looking for information," he said. 

Instead, startups are focused on getting seen and downloaded by users. "For example, we launched our iPhone app last week, and that’s an industry where you have to get into the good graces of Apple and Google," he said. "In that way, some startups are getting more of a leg up."

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