Nvidia Employees Give Up Party For Charity

A local company gives up a company Christmas party to help out a local farm

It's not a typical company Christmas party, but it's what employees at Nvidia say they wanted. More than five hundred employees from the company will spend the weekend working on Emma Prusch farm in San Jose.

With help from a group called "Veggielution," the farm is used to grow food, educate children and let animals roam. 

More than 500 employees will spend hours building structures to grow and store food. Their time will also be spend working on murals and decorating the farm. 

"I really enjoy construction, even though my regular work is an engineer with a company, this is quite the contrast. I'd rather be here," said Nvidia Engineer Andy Stavros.

The company is aiming to give something back to the community and after a successful year selling graphics processors, they're giving a boost to local agriculture.

"So, having this infrastructure built out in one weekend is a huge game changer. We would have spent years and years building this up and now it's just there," said Aime Frisch of Veggielution.

Employees say it's their chance to do something for somebody else, what they see as the ultimate way to spend Christmas. 

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