Oakland Police Preparing to Remove Occupy Camp: Report

A source within the police department says plans are being made to make a move.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has been putting out hints for over a week and now it appears the police department is hearing those words.

Veteran San Francisco Chronicle reporters Matier and Ross cite a source inside the Oakland Police Department that is telling them the force is preparing to remove the Occupy Oakland encampment from Frank Ogawa Plaza soon.

Quan has said for over a week that the movement needs to identify a spokesperson who can speak with the city and that protesters need to find a more permanent, less annoying and more hygienic location to set up camp than Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Now Matier and Ross' source says that all training exercises for the Oakland Police Department for next week have been canceled, which is a "pretty good indication" that a plan to clear the square is being prepared.

Quan has also been pushing a resolution after feeling the heat from both sides for her handling of the protests.

She recently said the city could not tolerate violence and unsanitary conditions and that the forced police presence downtown has negatively impacted Oakland neighborhoods that need attention. 

Downtown businesses also say they are struggling, with business dropping by about 50 percent, according to some reports.

Business leaders have demanded that Quan do something about the protests and gave her an earful at a recent city council meeting.

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