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Outside Lands: Kidnapping, Violence, Trespassing Keep San Francisco Police on Toes

San Francisco police had their hands full with the weekend-long Outside Lands music festival — they arrested people on battery charges, handed out a myriad citations to drivers, and are looking for a trio of kidnapping suspects.

It is estimated that over 60,000 people turned up each day.

On Saturday, three armed male suspects kidnapped and robbed a 27-year-old man who arranged via Craigslist to sell them concert wristbands, police said.

When the victim arrived at the intersection of 24th Avenue and Fulton Street around 5:10 p.m., the still unidentified suspects brandished a handgun and knife and ordered him to get into a light blue vehicle, according to police.

One suspect sat in the driver's seat and drove around while another pointed a gun at the victim. The third suspect held a knife up to the victim, police said.

The suspects ordered the victim to hand over the concert wristbands and his money. They dropped him off on the street after he obeyed. 

The suspects were possibly driving a Hyundai, and have not yet been arrested, police said, adding that the victim's sustained a cut on his hand, but no life-threatening injuries.

And although it wasn't a violent crime, one of Saturday's most highly publicized detentions involved Oakland-based musician Fantastic Negrito whose intern admitted to scalping an Outside Lands wristband on Craigslist. [[321331091, C]]

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a man, first misidentified as a Los Angeles man, but later identified as 20 year-old Steven Orr of Santa Barbara was charged with felony obstructing or resisting an officer by mean of threats or violence, felony battery on a peace officer, misdemeanor resisting a peace officer and trespassing at a paid event, which is an infraction. 

Orr, who tried to flee from security personnel, did not pay for admission, police said.

A number of San Francisco police officers saw Orr take off and tried to nab him. However, an officer, closest to him, was knocked to the ground when he tried to grab him. Police said the officer slammed his head into a cement block cover with metal and briefly lost consciousness. [[321331251, C]]

Orr, in the meantime, stumbled but kept running through a tunnel toward Polo Field. Police said a security guard tackled him, allowing officers to take him into custody.

The injured police officer, who was treated at a hospital and released, awoke to find that he was still clutching a piece of Orr’s shirt, which he had ripped off during the pursuit.

San Francisco police misidentified the suspect at first because he had stolen someone else's ID.

The San Francisco police department also told NBC Bay Area that officers also handed out 77 trespassing citations in the vicinity of Golden Gate Park as well as three alcohol violations and one for public urination. 

Other violations include 26 speeding tickets, 16 vehicles blocking intersections or crosswalks, 15 double parking citations, 18 drivers who didn’t yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and more, they said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was updated to reflect that San Francisco police originally misidentified a suspect based on stolen ID.

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