Firework Explodes in Woman's Hand in Pacifica

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A woman walking along the beach in Pacifica may have lost part of her hand after reportedly finding a firework and lighting it.

“We heard this huge explosion and a bunch of smoke going up,” said Irene Wengler.

She and Don Wengler were watching the waves from inside their car above Pacifica Esplanade Beach when it happened. 

They say fire trucks arrived and minutes later paramedics brought an injured woman up the winding path to the street.

“Carried the lady up, both hands bandaged up like this,” said Irene.

Down along the shoreline, witnesses said a woman found a firework in the sand and when she lit it, it exploded in her hands. 

The North County Fire Authority battalion chief said she was taken to a trauma unit.

“She sustained significant injury due to lighting illegal fireworks,” said Chief Jeff Huntze.

He said if you find fireworks don't handle them, call the police.

“They're really dangerous. We want to promote calling law enforcement so they can dispose of them properly,” he said. 

Huntze also said this is the third serious firework injury he has seen on the coast in the last week.

Some said that with multiple injuries and fires linked to fireworks, it's time to stop selling even the ones termed "safe and sane."

“If they'd stop selling them, maybe they wouldn't have illegal ones. It was obviously illegal- it was huge,” said Irene.

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