Palo Alto Mother, Daughter Reunites With Family After Coronavirus Quarantine

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A mother and daughter spent almost two months in a coronavirus quarantine -- first in China, and then in Southern California.

The Tebeka family reunion on Wednesday was pure joy and makes up for weeks of stark images and fear.

Esther Tebeka, a former journalist, and her 15-year-old daughter Chaya shares images they took as their visit to relatives in Wuhan, China turned into a nightmare.

"That was big because that was the first time in Chinese history the entire city was locked down," Tebeka said. "And this is a big city we're talking about."

The Tebekas spent six week of being quarantined in China, then were evacuated to a military base in Southern California, before being medically cleared to rejoin their family.

The returning mom and daughter from Palo Alto said they felt a rush of emotions and some new perspectives.

Esther Tebeka said she knows much of the public is still concerned about coronavirus spreading. So even though she and her daughter tested negative, she limited her contact back in the Bay Area to just her children and will self quarantine for the rest of the week.

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