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San Mateo County Businesses Flooded, Temporarily Closed Due to Storm

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Major flooding and fallen trees have caused businesses to close and roadways to shut down across San Mateo County in what crews say it's just the beginning of a long week of rain.

In Half Moon Bay, employees at two businesses had to close because of a creek clogged with debris sending water rushing into the parking lot and into the building.

"It looks like a river, yes," said Beatriz Barron who was going to the bank.

Robert Carter, the VP of San Mateo Credit Union said "every square inch of our floor was flooded with water."

Employees and customers at San Mateo Credit Union are describing the moment their building tuned into a pond after water from the creek invaded several businesses in Half Moon Bay.

"We got our crews out here now drying it out during everything we can get to get this branch open again by Wednesday," Carter explained.

Next door at Compass, Sarah Chapman said she was headed to the kitchen when she started walking through puddles.

"It spread really quickly from the back door area," she said, "up to basically a full third of our office is now soaked."

Chapman said she immediately turned off the electricity and started evacuating offices.

At least one person totaled their car while trying to get out of a flooded parking lot.

Carter told NBC Bay Area the situation could've been a lot worse if the fire department hadn't gone out to help them.

In addition, CalFire crews said they rescued two people who got stuck in floodwater on Highway 92, an area that will remain partially closed until further notice.

Dozens of other neighborhoods and roads in San Mateo County are also awash in rising water and fallen trees, including Miramontes Point in Half Moon Bay and Pescadero Road.

Businesses said they will be placing sandbags around the buildings to minimize damage, and plan on working with state and county crews to make sure this creek is clear of debris before the next round of rain arrives.

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