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Pedestrian Fatality Reported on Caltrain Tracks, Causing Sweeping Power Outages

Caltrain reported a pedestrian fatality just before 10 p.m. on Saturday. 

Southbound Caltrain 448 had been traveling near North of Millbrae when it struck and killed a pedestrian.

Officials shut down both sides of the track immediately after the crash, resulting in Northbound 449 also stopping while crews investigated. 

All 345 Passengers on 448 reported via social media that the incident caused a brief power outage on the train. A public information officer said it was unclear if the power outage was directly caused by the collision with the pedestrian or if it resulted from the train operator pulling the emergency brakes. 

The public information officer added that people were not permitted to deboard, citing safety concerns. All passengers were advised to wait for the investigation to wrap up and for their train to reach a destination. 

The north sides of the track was cleared shortly after 10:30 and the 449 was allowed to proceed. 448 was given the green light shortly after 11 p.m. 

This is Caltrain's third pedestrian fatality of 2016. 

No further details were immediately available. 

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