Petaluma Teen Is Batman-Clad Do-Gooder

While not a crime-fighter, a 19-year old is still Batman.

He is a normal Petaluma teenager, just trying to do the right thing.

He is also Batman.

The masked man riding on an electric scooter through the Petaluma night, posting flyers about missing teens and informing all that there is good to be had in this world, has become a social media phenomenon and a minor celebrity in this North Bay City, according to the Argus-Courier.

"Petaluma Batman" has a homemade costume, and after business classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and a job at a local golf course, his evenings and nights are spent zipping through the night boosting peoples' morale, the newspaper reported.

"I truly believe that anyone can be a hero," the otherwise-anonymous 19-year old told the newspaper.

Since his Facebook profile was posted Dec. 22, he has earned 2,700 "likes" on the social network, including one from a city council member.

Petaluma Batman begins his nightly round at the local library, the newspaper reported. He is friend to police and public alike, in part because he attempts no crime fighting and leaves any serious work to the paid professionals, the newspaper reported.

Locals approve of his spreading of goodwill, and even appreciate the show: recently, one of his friends who knows his real identity emerged dressed as Petaluma Joker. A mock fight ensued. Enjoyment was had by all, the newspaper reported.

Just another day in the life of Petaluma Batman, the real-life charity-minded, do-gooding suburban superhero.

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