Petition Prompts Bay Area Venues to Cancel Bill Cosby Shows

A pair of major venues in the Bay Area of California have cancelled scheduled appearances from Bill Cosby.

The Flint Center in Cupertino and The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa have postponed and not rescheduled Cosby's June 6 and 7 shows after a campaign pressured venues into canceling the shows.

"There was a pretty strong sentiment from the Foothill/DeAnza college community that it was their feeling that given the allegations surrounding Mr. Cosby that it was their preference the Flint Center not host the event," Flint Center General Manager Paula Davis said.

Dolores Edelstein was one of the organizers for the petition.

"With any type of sexual assault or rape, the shame and the fear lies on the side of the victim. And what really should happen is the shame should belong to the perpetrator," Edelstein said. "But because of the statute of limitations women feel like, they just can’t speak up."

Some Flint Center patrons don't agree with the decision to cancel Cosby's appearances.

"I think it's unfair and incorrect," Cupertino-resident Naeem Zafar said. "The whole principal is that we presume innocent until convicted."

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