Pillow Fight Held Outside SJ City Hall

Ready, Set, Fight!

It is supposed to rain for real come Monday, but it was raining feathers in San Jose on Sunday.

A flash-mob type group announced just this morning on Twitter and FB that they would gather for a good old fashioned pillow fight outside City Hall at high noon.

Every year for the past seven years (and about this time of year), the "Great American Slumber Party" has been held in San Francisco.  Now San Jose is joining the fun.

For having just a few hours notice the turn out in San Jose was considered impressive. There were a few hundred people there of all ages. We even noticed a few in Santa suits.

If you missed the fun Sunday, you have another chance on Tuesday.

San Francisco will hold its pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza on Valentine’s Day. Feathers will fly when the clock tower strikes 6 p.m.

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