San Francisco

Police Investigate Possible Dog Theft in San Francisco

Police are investigating a burglary in San Francisco in which the suspect allegedly entered a Bernal Heights home stealing valuables, and possibly the house dog who has not been seen since the theft.

"I’m devastated, really sad," dog owner Sage Rehling said.

A set of keys, a truck and Corona the dog have been gone since last Friday after burglars entered a home while the owners slept, police reports.

According to Rehling’s father who was sleeping while the burglary took place, someone hopped a fence and left fingerprints on a window he believes they used to enter the home.

Rehling believes that Corona was either taken with other valuables or that she was let loose during the burglary.

"Hoping the truck comes back," Rehling said. "Might be evidence in there."

The 18-year-old has been looking for her pet since last Friday, posting fliers around her parents' house hoping someone calls with good news.

"I feel like if I was there at my parents’ house that night, she would have been in my room with me. She wouldn't have gotten out or taken," Rehling said. "I feel terrible, I just want her back."

The family would like to hear from anyone with any information and offer a reward while police continue their investigation.

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