Donald Trump

Michelin-Rated Bay Area Restaurant Rasa Joins Businesses Across US for #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Some popular restaurants and businesses will be closed Thursday amid President Donald Trump's stance on immigration policies. A nationwide grassroots effort is taking place, encouraging immigrants to stay home.

Michelin-rated Rasa, a contemporary Indian restaurant in Burlingame, will be closed to support the cause. The owner says it's important to him and his employees.

"There is no America without immigrants," Rasa owner Ajay Walia said. "Immigrants do feel American. At the same time, especially in our industry, it is important to take a stance."

Walia canceled about 100 reservations and will lose thousands of dollars. But to him, it's worth it.

Other businesses like Chavez supermarkets also will close. The stores posted notices on their front doors to let customers know. The protest means many immigrants will choose to miss a day of work as well.

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