Program For Portable Toilets in SF Tenderloin Receives Extension

San Francisco is pro-toilet.

A program that puts public toilets on city streets in the Tenderloin -- and led to a reduction on the amount of human waste on sidewalks -- has received praise in its six months of existence. City leaders on Tuesday approved an extension of the program, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Tenderloin Pit-Stop will be in effect at least until June with another $203,200 injection from the city, the newspaper reported. The toilets are outside from 2 to 9 p.m. in three locations in the Tenderloin.

The toilets are taken in for cleaning at night, with good reason -- they're used about 167 times every day, the newspaper reported.

Mayor Ed Lee is expected to provide permanent funding for the program in his budget, due June 1.

The hope is that efforts like this will reduce San Francisco's worldwide reputation as a literal cesspool: a recent map from Reuters showed "concentrations of calls for cleaning up human waste" didn't exactly raise the city's standing in the world.

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