Cause for Concern: Potential Mudslides Near Loma Fire Scar in Santa Cruz Mountains

Wet weather is headed out of the Bay Area, but folks living near the Loma Fire scar are still bracing for potential mudslides.

A flash flood warning was issued Sunday for residents living in the Santa Cruz Mountains due to heavy rains pounding the area and residents are taking precautions Monday knowing that the softened, previously-burned soil could still give way while the landscape dries out.

Officials warn that rocks, mud, vegetation and other debris could come barreling down hillsides without notice.

Folks are encouraged to stay vigilant and be prepared to evacuate at any moment.

Residents living near the coast are also being advised to remain vigilant. A coastal flood advisory is in effect for the entire California coast until 3 p.m. Monday. National Weather Service officials have encouraged the public to avoid beaches, coastal rocks and jetties.

High astronomical tides and large ocean swell will cause minor coastal flooding and beach erosion through the afternoon hours.

A slight chance of showers is on tap for Monday in portions of the Bay Area, but most of the weekend moisture is making way for drier weather. The three-day storm dumped nearly one foot of rain in some locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Since Friday, heavy downpours, coupled with blustery conditions, knocked out power for roughly 295,000 Pacific Gas and Electric customers.

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