Potty Humor Leaves Its Mark on the Bay Bridge


The Bay Bridge is finally back open after a temperamental weekend filled with idle threats and potty humor graffiti.

Lost in the closed again, open again shuffle were the workers who abandoned sleep to ensure the bridge was reopened on time. But the fine folks at Caltrans made sure to document the hard working men and women by posting images of them at work. Maybe they shouldn't have.

An image (check it out below) that only appeared on Caltrans site for a short while has become fodder for bloggers. The seemingly innocuous picture shows four construction workers on the side of the bridge with what appears to be graffiti in the background. Some of the art look like lines left by engineers to mark points of interest for construction workers.

But one small patch says something a little more informative, at least if your name is Mike or you know someone named Mike. SF Citizen alerted us to the tag that unveils Mike's special affinity for big things.

Let's hope distracted workers who were suppose to be fixing cracks this weekend are not behind the artwork.

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