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Preliminary Hearing Set for San Jose Brothers Accused of Killing Parents

The brothers, Hasib and Omar Golamrabbi, are charged with murdering their parents nearly two weeks ago at their San Jose home in the Evergreen neighborhood.

A preliminary hearing for two San Jose brothers accused of killing their parents is scheduled to begin Monday.

The brothers, Hasib and Omar Golamrabbi, are charged with murdering their parents nearly two weeks ago at their San Jose home in the Evergreen neighborhood. Police said after leaving bizarre messages on the home's walls, the brothers left to an anime convention in Oakland and appeared as if nothing happened.

On Thursday, the lawyer for 17-year-old Omar Golamrabbi, who is being tried as an adult, and prosecutor said they are ready for the preliminary hearing to start.

"We will be there on Monday ready to get to a courtroom," Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Matt Braker said.

A move is considered unusual by legal experts.

"The fact that this case is still on track for a preliminar hearing in what is a special circumstance case after only 10 days is highly unusual," said Steven Clark, legal analyst.

The lawyer for Hasib Golamrabbi on Thursday said he might not be ready and may ask for a delay on Monday. The brothers are being tried together.

The prosecutor on Thursday also turned in an electronic file full of evidence. Clark insists defense lawyers need more time to analyze it.

"They've been given a tremendous amount of evidence about the case, but they also need to develop the mental health issues associated with the case," Clark said.

Clark said the motive and reason for the killings will be key in the case.

The older brother, Hasib Golamrabbi, during Thursday's court appearance wore a yellow jumpsuit reserved for those in the mental ward.

At last week's arraignment, the younger brother entered a not guilty plea and Hasib Golamrabbi did not enter a plea. The brothers are charged in the double murder.

The brothers' parents, Golam and Shamima Rabbi, 59 and 57 respectively, were found shot to death in their Lucas Court home. Prosecutors said Golam Rabbi was shot more than a dozen times.

Prosecutors have not given a motive for the deaths. Court documents show there were two authors of black magic marker rants on the family's walls - and that the writing matched the handwriting of Omar Golamrabb. The court documents do not state exactly what was written, only that there were "multiple sets of writing" that had been found in the home.

Sources who witnessed the aftermath told NBC Bay Area they saw a message that read: "Sorry my first killing was clumsy." 

Prosecutors have not revealed who might have written the other messages.

While prosecutors and police have remained tight-lipped about why two brothers would have killed parents that many in the Bangladeshi community have described as "soft and gentle," sources have told NBC Bay Area that the Rabbi elders did not agree with Hasib Golamrabbi’s “sexual orientation.”

Another, longer message written in marker near the parents' bodies, allegedly ended, "I can’t be like you, telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them," sources told NBC Bay Area.

The court documents mention nothing about the older son's sexual orientation. 

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