Car Pool Rejection Coming to the Prius

Electrics, plug-in hybrids and LNG cars may get extension

California's exemption allowing motorists driving hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius in carpool lanes even with no passengers is coming to an end this year.

And at least one Prius owner, who in part bought a Prius so he could flout the spirit of the carpool lane and drive solo, is hopping mad.

It doesn't look likely that the state legislature will vote to extend the perk, except maybe in the case of all-electric, plug-in hybrid and liquid natural gas-powered vehicles.

Others have said they'd be willing to pay extra for the privilege. In fact, in September, a carpool lane on a section of Interstate 680 south will be open to any old gas-guzzler who's willing to pay a toll is set to open.

Jackson West gets far more miles per gallon on a bike or train than in a Prius.

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