Walnut Creek Residents Oppose New Housing Project

More traffic, less open space, parking and potential flooding. Those were some concerns late Wednesday at a meeting over a new Walnut Creek housing project.

At issue is an eight-acre site along Tice Valley Boulevard. The land is currently owned by the Jewish Community Center, selling five acres of underdeveloped land to the Pulte Group.

The developer wants to build 53 homes, create bike lanes, add parking and demolish a nursery that has been in the area for years.

Residents in the neighborhood said the site is not ready for all that development.

"We have a semi-rural character and it should be preserved," resident Ray Winter said. "Just because a developer shows the ability to do something doesn't mean it should be done."

The Judy Yudof, president of the Jewish Community Center, and others disagree.

"We're going to be creating a neighborhood," Yudof said."People walking, biking and enjoy the beautiful lush landscaping."

The next meeting will discuss the environmental impact of the project and is scheduled for Nov. 12.

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