“Proud Whopper” Wrapper on eBay — For Over $1,000

Bidding on the rainbow-colored Whopper wrapper is over $1,000

What's the old saying? "Pain is temporary, but a Pride Whopper wrapper is $1,000-plus?"

Something like that, at least when a limited-edition fast-food wrapper is for sale on eBay.

Over Pride weekend, a San Francisco Burger King location sold "Proud Whoppers," the burger joint's signature sandwich wrapped in a rainbow-colored paper wrapper.

Not every burger had the multicolored wrapper. The idea was to drive home the point that despite a different outward appearance, "We are all the same inside," as the wrapper itself proclaimed.

That may be true, but we're not all the same on eBay. An enterprising sandwich-eater has listed his or her Proud Whopper wrapper for $1,000.

And as of Wednesday afternoon, there were two bids, meaning the cost of pride -- or a Proud Whopper wrapper -- is at least $1,025.

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