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‘I Feel Great': Bay Area Woman Not Worried After Receiving Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

FDA and CDC officials on Tuesday recommended a pause to the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine after six women reportedly developed rare blood clots.

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A Bay Area woman who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine said she is not worried after FDA and CDC officials recommended pausing the rollout due to concerns over unusual blood clots.

Out of nearly 7 million Americans who have received a Johnson & Johnson shot, six women reportedly have had the issue. The acting FDA commissioner said she expects the pause to last a matter of days.

Chris Olofson said she did the research on blood cots and its symptoms Tuesday morning following the national news health officials recommend a pause to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Olofson said she received the vaccine two weeks ago at a clinic in Oakland.

"I'm not worried at all. That is a minute percentage," Olofson said of the six women who reportedly developed rare blood cots after receiving the vaccine. "I feel great. I had zero side effects."

The CDC said anyone who received the vaccine and is concerned should look out for severe headaches, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath in the first three weeks after getting the vaccine. Anyone who develops these symptoms should contact their doctor.

The CDC also said the risk of a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine is low - and after three weeks virtually impossible.

Gov. Gavin Newsom also received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. On Tuesday, the governor reiterated that he believes the vaccine is safe and the pause will not impact his plan to fully reopen the state this summer.

Newsom also said the state will stick to its plan to open up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older later this week.

Meanwhile, Olofson said the pausing of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines is already impacting her family.

"I was disappointed they pulled it because my son was going to get his vaccine this morning and they canceled it," she said.

Olofson said he college-aged son has tested positive for COVID twice without ever showing symptoms.

"I really hope people continue to get vaccinated," she said.

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