Rain Preparations: Bay Area Crews Work to Prevent Flooding, Power Outages

Wet weather expected to touchdown in the Bay Area on Tuesday will provide an early test for power and public works crews who have been working to prevent future flooding and power outages.

Crew are set to meet soon to strategize on this year's rain expectations and preparations.

In the South Bay, crews have spent the last few months along Thompson Creek in San Jose with a look at the preps for the season's first rain. Crews are also repairing the bank along the creek.

"It's part of our annual stream maintenance where we do bank protection, sediment removal, debris removal and vegetation management," said Marty Grimes with the Valley Water District.

Meanwhile, workers across the Bay Area are gearing up for slick streets, power outages and what might lie ahead.

For South Bay resident Ray Woo, there are few things more frustrating than the lights going out.

"You take it for granted," Woo said. "You walk around your house turning light switches on and nothing happens, so it's pretty frustrating."

PG&E has also been cleaning transformers.

The utility said during the first rainstorm of every season, dust and other particles mix with water, creating a problem that triggers outages.

Woo and his neighbors appreciate the preemptive strike by the utility crews.

"It's a good idea," Woo said.

Workers with the Valley Water District have also spent the entire year doing flood protection and creek maintenance. They City of San Jose also said crews are clearing leaves from storm drains and gutters.

Another problem for the water district is homeless encampments. The district conducted more than 400 clean-up operations this year because they said debris from those encampments can clog up the waterways and create bigger problems in bigger storms.

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