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Rattlesnakes Already Out on South Bay Hiking Trails Amid Warm Weather

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With the recent unseasonably warm weather, rattlesnakes are already out in the South Bay.

Hikers in the area are keeping an eye out after hearing about snake sightings and seeing some warnings, which are coming weeks or even months earlier than usual due to the spring-like temperatures.

"If you see a rattlesnake, the best thing to do is just give it its distance," Senior Ranger Mendriski with the City of San Jose said. "The snake doesn't want to interact with you just as much as you don't want to interact with the snake. So, give it some distance. Report it to park staff or one of the rangers and then we will handle it."

Rangers said sightings are rare, but the snakes will be out soaking up the sun when it's warm. When the weather cools down, the snakes will go away.

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