Relative: Two Shooting Victims Intended to Marry

A new claim points to a love triangle as the motive for the killings

The brother of the man killed in the Richmond-San Rafael bridge parking lot earlier this week is sheading new light on what could have motivated a gunman to open fire and kill two people, including a bridge toll taker.

Debbie Ross and Chuck Everett were both shot and killed Tuesday evening.  Police say the shooter is Ross' longtime boyfriend, Nathaniel Burris. The two separated the day before the shooting after living together for 13 years.

Now there is word the three were part of a love triangle.

Ersie Everett Jr. II told NBC Bay Area's Jean Elle that his brother, Chuck, was planning to marry Ross.  He said his big brother was looking forward to a retirement full of love, but a gunman took his life before their life together could begin.

"You're looking at a gentleman who is working toward marriage and all the things he wants to accomplish. They took him away from us," Ersie Everett said.

Ross' sisters did not appear to know about any kind of romantic relationship between Debbie and Everett.

They told NBC Bay Area's Jodi Hernandez that Everett was a deacon at an Oakland church and was a simply a friend who was helping her through her troubles.

They said they did not think Burris and Everett had ever met and would be surprised if Burris even knew what Everett looked like.

Burris is now being held on two counts of homicide after being transferred from the Placer County Jail back to Contra Costa County, where he will be formally charged.

Funerals for the two victims are pending.

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