Retiree Writes a $10,000 Check to California

You know things are bad for California when retirees on a fixed income are writing checks to the state.

A South Carolina man wrote a $10,000 check and is mailing it to the Golden State to do his little part to get California out of dire straits.

Dennis Ferguson said he received unemployment benefits from California when he was in a time of need and now that his former state is in need he wants to do his part.

Ferguson told the Associated Press he collected about $1,100 for four months in 1964 after he was laid off from his job.

The young engineer used the money to go back to school and study computer programming. The new skills helped him start a new career.

In the memo of the check, Ferguson wrote REPAYMENT FOR WHAT CALIF. DID FOR ME!"

But because Ferguson did not specify a specific department the money should go to, the money will go to toward public schools.

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