Reverse Sunglasses Keep You From Feeling SAD

These babies come in red and grey.

Sunglasses make everything darker. So reverse sunglasses, then, must make everything lighter. No, it's not night vision, but instead a way to keep us northern hemispherites from getting all SAD right about now. Seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) is when normal happy people get sad during the winter because it's dark and gloomy out. I know, it sounds like a total one-percenter problem, but apparently it's a real medical thing, and the way to treat it is to turn on some bright lights.

For those in need of more aggressive (or convenient) light therapy, one option might be
these Sequinetic reverse sunglasses. You wear them just like normal sunglasses, but instead of keeping bright light out of your eyes, they shine bright light into your eyes. Or at least, right around your eyes. Six ultra-bright LEDs bounce off of a reflector down at your face, and according to the PR, "using Sequinetic glasses for up to 30 minutes a day, you'll have much more energy during those long, dark winter months."

If you buy into this stuff, you can go ahead and buy into this stuff on Kickstarter, where $60 will score you a questionably fashionable pair of Sequinetic reverse sunglasses in red and grey, batteries included.

Kickstarter, via Core77

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