San Francisco

Robot-Powered Burger Joint Makes a Beeline For Bay Area

The still unnamed restaurant is expected to use a machine that could churn out 400 burgers in an hour.

Move over, humans. A robot-operated restaurant is heading to the Bay Area.

Momentum Machines, a San Francisco-based startup, plans to launch a burger joint where fare is cooked, seasoned and wrapped by robots, Tech Insider reported.

The still unnamed restaurant will utilize what Momentum Machines built in 2012 — a machine that could churn out 400 burgers in an hour. The innovative appliance includes a stamper that grinds and stamps custom blends of meat, a vegetable slicer, an oven to toast the meat and bun, and a bagger to wrap the complete product.

Images released by the company show the machine “completely replaces all the sandwich labor in a restaurant.”

A Craigslist job ad that Momentum Machines posted about a month ago said that the restaurant will open at 680 Folsom Street. The ad described the burgers as “fresh-ground and grilled to order, served on toasted brioche, and accented by an infinitely personalizable variety of fresh produce, seasonings, and sauces.”

Momentum Machines was founded in 2009 by a group of engineers who wanted to bring together their love for food, technology and machines.

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