Jewelry Inspired by All Things San Francisco

John S. Brana is a true master of jewelry design.

A Jedi of his craft.

Brana has experimented with, and introduced some of his craft of the most cutting-edge techniques out there.  He also created the single most elegant way to represent your Frisco hood.

His collections were inspired by various districts in the city, as well as, a few areas that have branded the Bay Area in culture, color, and nature.

Every piece impeccably designed and perfectly executed.

The Nob Hill collection is a dead-ringer. Earrings are handcrafted to emulate the wrought iron gates that are the architectural signature of California and Powell.

The Sea Cliff collection, made of bright coral and freshwater pearl, is a wearable trip to China Beach that works well with your Monday through Friday gear and your weekend couture.

The collection designed in honor of the district that is said to offer the clearest views of the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge and Alcatraz, is breathtaking. Pacific Heights rings and pendants scream of this ever-scenic neighborhood.

SOMA's industrial-chic is represented through the fresh techniques of granulation, etching, and patina.

To an area native, the Sonoma, Muir Woods and Monterey collections would be identifiable halfway around the world.

Dripping grapes in a rich cabernet hue can make one salivate for the valley's varietals.

The earthy tones and organic curves of our redwoods beg for a drive up 101.

Hammered fine silver in the shape of sea anemone sparkling with Amber nuggets, is like a ride in Doc Brown's DeLorean to the first aquarium we natives were ever taken to as children.

Brana took inspiration from everything around him and he really nailed it.

"I recently got a call from a man who married his wife in Sonoma over 30 years ago, they now live in Florida. He bought an entire set from my Sonoma collection to celebrate their anniversary. He said it put them both right back in the town."

So cool.

Brana's designs are in stores nationwide. Fans include Natasha Betingfield, Janice Dickinson, and Daniela Torres.

Prices range from $35 to over $4,000, so there's really something to fit every budget.

Brana recently built a third story to his home/studio that will provide solar energy to all of his fine jewelry production, adding to his already ultra-green lifestyle.

"Ive been to over 30 countries and to all 50 states. San Francisco is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. This is the only place that has, and will, ever inspire me like this."

Brana does a lot of custom work and with over two dozen gemstones to choose from.  You'd have to find an excuse not to rock your district.

 Shop online or visit Given boutique, located at 575 Castro Street.

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