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Salesforce's Sustainable Conference Coming to San Francisco

The area in front of the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be transformed the week of Nov. 18 for Dreamforce – Salesforce’s sustainable five-day conference that’s expected to draw over 170,000 attendees.

Former President Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker of the event. Other notable speakers include Apple CEO Tim Cook, world-renowned author Deepak Chopra and South African TV and radio broadcaster Tumelo Mothotoane.

One thing that won’t be at the conference? Beef.

This year’s event boasts sustainability, and organizers have said that by keeping beef off the menu millions of gallons of water will be conserved.

“If companies are making an effort to go green, that’s a good thing,” one man said.

The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association said, in part, that they’re disappointed and would welcome the opportunity next year to answer questions related to how U.S. cattle producers provide the highest quality and most sustainable beef product in the world.

There are plenty of other options in the city for beef lovers, but some people are concerned about traffic.

“It’s already difficult for people that commute,” said a woman.

But small businesses in the area welcome the influx of people.

“We face all the challenges of a small business in San Francisco, and this is incredible to have Salesforce,” said Tim Mullins who runs Thirsty Bear Brewing Company across the street. “It keeps us going.”

Mullins said Thirsty Bear is bought out next week for private events.

In addition to a beefless menu, Dreamforce will also have reusable water bottles, compostable food packaging and a straw-free event.

“For sure other companies in the tech sector it will certainly influence them to embrace these practices as well,” said San Francisco State marketing professor Sanjit Sangupta.

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