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YouTuber Raises Money for Elon Musk's Couch, Donates to Charity

Lots of us heard Elon Musk say he was tired, overworked, and sleeping on the Tesla factory floor.

Most of us probably giggled, or maybe said "just get those Model 3’s made" under our breath.

But one San Diego resident, Ben Sullins, went to work.

Sullins, host of a YouTube show called “Teslanomics,” thought it would be funny to try to raise enough money to buy the Tesla CEO a couch after he saw Musk's interview on "CBS This Morning" where he said he's under a lot of stress to get the Model 3 production on track. 

Thanks to fans on Sullins' channel, Twitter and GoFundMe, the fundraising idea took off.

“People love Elon Musk,” Sullins said. “They believe in the mission.”

People believe enough to raise $8,500 on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe. The Tesla Club of Sweden also raised another $1,500, way more than enough to buy a nice couch.

Tesla itself decided to get involved, matching donations dollar for dollar and when the cushions cleared, Sullins had raised $18,000.

Then, furniture company Wayfair donated the couch, and Sullins decided the money should go to charity.

Sullins went back to the internet and held a vote among donors on where the money should be donated. All the money will go to UK-based Renewable World, which fights poverty through renewable energy.

Sullins delivered the couch to Fremont’s Tesla factory, and although he didn’t get to meet Musk himself, he said the whole project made him feel great.

“I’m completely floored by the whole thing,” Sullins said. “To put all the money to charity, that’s icing on the cake.”

Rest well, Elon. And get those Model 3s made.

Scott Budman follows Musk, and Tesla, on Twitter: @scottbudman

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