San Francisco

San Francisco Aims to End Predatory Lawsuits

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Chinatown business owners getting hit with lawsuits are getting a helping hand. 

Over the last few months, dozens of small businesses have been slapped with lawsuits, claiming their shops are not in compliance with the Federal Disability Act. 

San Francisco leaders say the people filing those lawsuits are predatory attorneys who shake-down mom and pop businesses for cash to settle a lawsuit.

A city supervisor is calling for changes to certain ADA laws at the state and federal levels.

“What we want to have happen is to have them have an opportunity to actually get  support before they have to address the issue and some time to address the issue before they can be taken to court,” said Matt Haney.

Businesses and community leaders across Chinatown have been on alert after roughly 100 businesses were hit with such lawsuits.

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